Human and Animal Lives Colliding

Did you know that there's a Dead Animal Tales exhibition at the Rotterdam Natural History Museum featuring animals who came into interestingly fatal contact with humanity?  One of the latest additions is a stone marten who got electrocuted while breaching the Large Hadron Collider's substation fence.  The Guardian wrote an article on the exhibition which is worth reading in its entirety, but here's an excerpt:

The stone marten [...] joins a sparrow that was shot after it sabotaged a world record attempt by knocking over 23,000 dominoes; a hedgehog that got fatally stuck in a McDonalds McFlurry pot, and a catfish that fell victim to a group of men in the Netherlands who developed a tradition for drinking vast amounts of beer and swallowing fish from their aquarium. The catfish turned out to be armoured, and on being swallowed raised its spines. The defence did not save the fish, but it put the 28-year-old man who tried to swallow it in intensive care for a week.

It was another unfortunate incident that spurred Moeliker to establish the exhibition in the first place. In 1995, a male duck flew into the glass facade of the museum and died on impact, a fate that did not deter another male duck from raping the corpse for 75 minutes. The incident ruffled feathers in the community but earned Moeliker a much-coveted IgNobel prize when he published his observations . “I was the one and only witness,” Moeliker said. “I’m a trained biologist but what I saw was completely new to me.”

The gay necrophiliac duck sex act is elaborated on here, if you're compelled - as I was - to read more about it.  Apparently there may or may not have been a similar case witnessed between two American squirrels.