Upcoming Publication in DASH Literary Journal!

My painting All Out has been accepted for publication in DASH Literary Journal, which is published through the California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics since 2008.

It will be printed in the upcoming issue slated to come out in May 2018.

Artist Profile in Rootstalk: A Prairie Journal of Culture, Science and the Arts

This neat opportunity came to me by way of the recommendation of my childhood friend Sister Theoterpi; her undergraduate alma mater is Grinnell and she thought my work would be a good fit.  The editors of the journal agreed, and a multi-page artist profile of me was published in Rootstalk: A Prairie Journal of Culture, Science and the Arts Volume III Issue 1.  It was the Fall 2016 issue, but it didn't come out until recently.

Here's a link to the PDF of just my profile!

Leavenworth Times Article on My Graphic Design Class's Digital Colorization Project

The Leavenworth Times wrote a front-page article on one of our class projects - digital colorization - in AR 383 Graphic Design!  You can read it here.

The Advocate Article on My LASM Exhibition

Remember the Polymers in Art Through The Centuries exhibition I'm participating in (thanks to my friend Dr. John Pojman) at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum (LASM)?  It opened March 4, 2017, and was slated to run until June 4 but was extended through September 3 due to the success of the exhibition.  The Advocate, Louisiana's largest daily newspaper, recently published an article on the show, "LASM's exhibit explores the mix of art and science," including a photo of my pieces in the slideshow imagery at the top as well as text about my work.

If you're in the Baton Rouge region and haven't stopped by the exhibition yet, you've still got almost a month!

The Pursuit Blog Post for the 4th of July

I've been so busy that I haven't posted any articles that came out featuring me or my work, but I'm belatedly getting around to it now!  The Pursuit, the LSU College of Science blog, published its post "Science That Glows at LSU: Happy 4th of July!" written by a friend of mine, Dr. Paige Jarreau, which features my artwork and Dr. John Pojman's 3P QuickCure Clay!

Newspaper Article in The Daily Reveille

Here's some more press on the Polymers in Art Through the Centuries exhibition at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum (LASM) and my collaboration with Dr. John Pojman from Louisiana State University (LSU)!  The Daily Reveille even uses a photo of my artwork in the exhibition as the article image!  The show is up through September 3rd, if you will be in the region and want to stop by.

KCKPL South Branch Gallery Exhibition Press Release

I installed my solo exhibition at the KCKPL South Branch Gallery yesterday evening!  USM's Marketing Department was kind enough to issue a press release on it (as well as on other recent shows).  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my digital camera along at installation so all I have is crappy cell phone imagery, but I'll definitely take some better photos before I deinstall.

LSU College of Art & Design Alumni Spotlight Article

This was a nice surprise: recently the Louisiana State University College of Art & Design contacted me requesting to write up an Alumni Spotlight on me.  Even as massive flooding was happening in the region, the lovely Communications Manager Angela Harwood wrote up this article entitled "Alumni Spotlight: Shelby Prindaville, MFA 2013" to be permanently available online but also to be included in their monthly e-newsletter Quad Mail which is distributed to over 5,000 alumni, friends, and media contacts.

L'Est Eclair Newspaper Article Reviewing My La Maison Verte Exhibition

I'm so pleased - L'Est éclair not only chose The Slightest Disturbance as the illustrating artwork in their article about our upcoming exhibition at the Jardin Botanique de Marnay-sur-Seine, but their journalist who attended the show also highlighted my permanent door installation in her follow-up review of the exhibition!

L'Est Eclair Newspaper Article on La Maison Verte Exhibition

Check this out - the local newspaper L'Est éclair wrote a short article about our upcoming exhibition in the Jardin Botanique de Marnay-sur-Seine and they chose a detail of one of my relief paintings to illustrate it!  Journalists from the newspaper are also planning on attending tonight and doing a follow-up piece on the exhibition.

University of Saint Mary Press Release on My Early Summer Shows

The University of Saint Mary just published a new press release on my early summer exhibition schedule (though I have another application out, so I may have more to share coming up!).

Art Program Director Honored for Her Masterpieces

(Leavenworth, Kan.)—The University of Saint Mary Art Program Director Shelby Prindaville was recently selected for a solo exhibition in the All Souls Gallery at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church at 4501 Walnut Street, Kansas City, Mo. The public is invited to an opening reception for the exhibit on Friday, April 22, from 6-7 p.m. Her work can be viewed in the gallery April 14-May 20, Monday through Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
Prindaville was also juried into the 47th Annual Smoky Hills Art Exhibition at Hays Art Center at 112 E. 11th Street, Hays, Kan. The annual exhibition is a statewide fine art competition open to any artist currently living in Kansas. Juror Mark Hartman selected Prindaville’s “Perspective” to be included in the show. The public is invited to view the piece, along with the other selections, from April 29-June 8. An opening reception and awards ceremony is scheduled for Friday, April 29, from 6:30-9:30 p.m.
“I am very pleased that my work is being recognized by each of these organizations,” said Prindaville. “I hope my art inspires viewers to reflect and deepen their connections with the natural world through my pieces' thematic exploration of environmental conservation and sustainability.”
In addition to both of these achievements, Prindaville was accepted to a summer artist residency program at Pays'art in La Maison Verte (The Green House) at the Botanical Garden of Marnay-sur-Seine in France. The residency will culminate in her onsite "Garden Lore" exhibition opening June 24.

To see her work, visit

The Pursuit 2015 Article on 3P Quick Cure Clay

The Pursuit, LSU College of Science's annual magazine, wrote an article in their 2015 issue about 3P Quick Cure Clay, Dr. Pojman, and our collaboration (although they accidentally misattributed my role to a Jessica Nelson).  You can read the article, entitled "LSU Chemistry Professor Creates Multi-Use Quick Cure Clay", on page 23 of 60 here if you're interested!

Goppert Gallery Exhibition Reception Tomorrow

Not only are we on the eve of our biannual Student Art Exhibition, but university administration requested that we have a two-person faculty show as well!  So anyone who is in the area should stop by and check out my artwork, the work of my colleague Susan Nelson, and the work of our fabulous art students.

Opening Reception:
Friday, December 4th from 3-5pm (refreshments will be served; the exhibition is open to the public)

Exhibition Hours:
December 4-10, 10am-4pm

The University of Saint Mary
Goppert Gallery (located on the ground floor of Xavier Hall)
4100 S. 4th Street
Leavenworth, KS 66048

Press Release:
You can see the full release here, but I've included the bulk of it below.

Art Students Showcase Their Work in the Fall 2015 Student Art Exhibit

12/3/2015 12:00:00 AM
(Leavenworth, Kan.)—From whimsical drawings to captivating photography, the University of Saint Mary displays the impressive work of 41 art students in the Fall 2015 Student Art Exhibit.
All students enrolled in a studio-art course—including Drawing I, Ceramics I, Photography I, Computer Graphics, Digital Page Layout, and Advanced Studio in Airbrush—are given the opportunity to show their favorite pieces from the semester. The artwork of Associate Professor of Art Susan Nelson and Art Program Director Shelby Prindaville will also be on display.  
“Every semester, students look forward to sharing their work with the community,” said Prindaville. “It’s their chance to show what they’ve been learning and perfecting in class.”
She went on to explain, “Students learn how to select and mat appropriate pieces as well as get the valuable experience of having an audience view their work in the context of an exhibition. USM art majors and minors actually organize and install the show—learning gallery and museum preparator skills, too.”

Aspire Magazine Coverage on Summer Achievements

The University of Saint Mary not only issued a press release a little over a month ago on my summer exhibitions and awards, but also just published an article about it in the Fall 2015 issue of Aspire Magazine.

Tribeza Magazine's Article on Madroño Ranch's Artist Residency

"Ranch Refuge" is an older article, but for some reason I couldn't find a link to it online until recently (maybe Tribeza Magazine only publishes its archives online?) so I'm sharing it now.  This piece is about the Madroño Ranch artist residency - I attended it twice and my series of bison paintings stems from those residencies.  Here's my spotlight within the essay:

Many visitors find the bison inspiring. Artist Shelby Prindaville says, “The Madroño Ranch residency provided a wonderful opportunity for me to begin a body of work focused on bison, one of the quintessential American icons.” 

Madroño Ranch isn't currently open to new residents anymore so I feel doubly lucky I learned about and was accepted into the residency when I did.

Another Greater Baton Rouge Business Report Article on 3P Quick Cure Clay

I'm so pleased 3P Quick Cure Clay has been getting so much press lately!  This latest article titled "An LSU professor has invented a curious clay with a range of applications, from art to industry" from the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report highlights my work with the product here:

About two years before officially launching 3P QuickCure Clay, Pojman reached out to art students at LSU to get some insight on his products. Pojman started working with former LSU graduate student Shelby Prindaville to mold his mixture into something more useful to artists by perfecting the consistency. Then he began selling it online.

“He would send me test products, and I would tell him what needed to be tweaked,” Prindaville says. “At some point we reached the stage where I thought it was a really viable sculpting medium and I started making things with it. And he figured out how to make it cheaply enough that he launched the product out into the world.”

The final version of 3P QuickCure Clay allows artists to bypass much of the difficult and tricky parts of sculpting, eliminating the need for a kiln. Also, 3P Quick Cure Clay is strong enough to build sculptures without first creating wire and paper “skeletons” or armatures, Prindaville says.

Prindaville used the medium to create a series of small sculptures of lizards called Anoles. The whimsical figures depict the lizards in various positions, like one balancing straight up its thin tail, that are impossible to create using other types of clay without wire armatures.

Prindaville, now the art program director at the University of Saint Mary in Kansas, uses 3PQuickCure Clay in her classroom because students can cure their work with a heat gun before the class period ends. She says the college cancels classes for one week each spring and students work on projects outside the school’s curriculum.

“Last year, I invited John to come up; he shipped us a large amount of clay and sold us a large amount of the clay. The students did all sorts of stuff and they created a show at the end,” Prindaville says. Some of the student’s creations now mingle alongside the chemistry books and salamander tank in Pojman’s office at LSU.

Dig Baton Rouge "Breaking the Mold" Article on 3P Quick Cure Clay

And here's Dig Baton Rouge with their new article "Breaking the Mold" on 3P Quick Cure Clay including some discussion of my work with it:

Working together with former LSU graduate student Shelby Prindaville, Pojman developed the clay from its original houseware repair model to a final product fit as an artist aid.

“So that’s how it evolved into art,” said Pojman.


Pojman’s website contains examples of several art projects using QuickCure from the University of Saint Mary in Kansas where Prindaville serves as the art program director. “It was really exciting just to work with the students, get their feedback on features they liked, and also help them use it, and then see where their creativity went,” said Pojman.

Of the works the students created using QuickCure, Pojman notes his favorite are the lizards as they demonstrate the strength of the clay.  “That’s not something you can do with regular ceramics,” said Pojman.