Halloween makeup

Halloween Makeup: Sliced Face!

If I have the time, I try to do a face paint for Halloween every year. I am in the very top search results for “pixelated face paint” and other related phrases on Google Images because of my Halloween makeup! This year, I did the sliced face makeup. I was running out of time in the morning by the time I got to the mouth area so I feel I could have done a little better on that with less haste, but hey, I think it still got the idea across!

Halloween Pixelated, Low Resolution Face Paint

I like to paint my face each Halloween with either an art-related theme or a high skill look (or ideally, both!); I fancy that it shows my students another facet of artistry they may not have considered - and being a good makeup or visual effects artist absolutely involves a lot of the principles and elements of design.

This year, I did a pixelated, low-resolution look.  That's what you get when blowing up raster... and we've been talking about vector vs. raster artwork in Computer Graphics all semester!