Guest Artists at USM

Sorry for the slight gap in posts - it's been a very busy couple of weeks!  I did want to pop in and let you know that tomorrow afternoon is the reception for our latest guest artist, Assistant Professor of Art Hannah March Sanders of Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau.  Hannah is a fiber artist and printmaker often working in collaboration with her husband, and I am very excited about her exhibition!  Here's the press release for her exhibition, if you'd like more details!

I also neglected to highlight our previous guest artist, so I'll do that now as well.  Illinois painter Scott Thomas Arthur exhibited in USM's Goppert Gallery from September 9th through the 30th.  His press release is here.

I met both of these talented artists while in graduate school at LSU, and was very excited when they both agreed to exhibit particularly because both were willing to drive over to Leavenworth and actually be present for the reception as well as guest lecture my Portfolio Seminar class.  This allows students and reception attendees the ability to really connect with the artists and their artwork in a way that they just can't when they only have access to the artwork.

LSU College of Art & Design Alumni Spotlight Article

This was a nice surprise: recently the Louisiana State University College of Art & Design contacted me requesting to write up an Alumni Spotlight on me.  Even as massive flooding was happening in the region, the lovely Communications Manager Angela Harwood wrote up this article entitled "Alumni Spotlight: Shelby Prindaville, MFA 2013" to be permanently available online but also to be included in their monthly e-newsletter Quad Mail which is distributed to over 5,000 alumni, friends, and media contacts.

The Pursuit 2015 Article on 3P Quick Cure Clay

The Pursuit, LSU College of Science's annual magazine, wrote an article in their 2015 issue about 3P Quick Cure Clay, Dr. Pojman, and our collaboration (although they accidentally misattributed my role to a Jessica Nelson).  You can read the article, entitled "LSU Chemistry Professor Creates Multi-Use Quick Cure Clay", on page 23 of 60 here if you're interested!

Greater Baton Rouge Business Report Article on 3P Quick Cure Clay

I was interviewed for this article on Dr. John Pojman's innovative 3P Quick Cure Clay.  Here's an excerpt:

About four years ago, Pojman started working with former LSU graduate student Shelby Prindaville to mold his mixture into something useful to artists, and began selling it online. Now 3P QuickCure Clay can be found in art stores in New Orleans and New Mexico.

The clay they developed allows artists to bypass much of the difficult and tricky parts of sculpting, eliminating the need for a kiln. Also, 3P QuickCure Clay is strong enough to build sculptures without first creating wire and paper “skeletons” or armatures.

Prindaville is now art program director at the University of Saint Mary in Kansas, and uses 3PQuickCure Clay in her classroom because students can use a heat gun to cure their work before the class period ends. She orders it by the pound from Pojman, who produces it from his office space at the Louisiana Business and Technology Center at LSU—a step up from his garage where he used to mix it on weekends.

“I think it’s a really interesting and innovative medium,” Prindaville says. “The great things is, it gives instant results. With regular clay you have to be careful about the moisture, and you can’t apply wet clay to a finished product, but with 3P you can apply wet to dry.”