Sansevieria phillipsiae

December Houseplant Happenings

Here are the photos from the final month of 2017!  We've got fewer flowers for sure this December - just this Copiapoa hypogaeaGymnocalycium pfanzii var albipulpa, Sansevieria cylindrica, and Sansevieria phillipsiae, respectively.  This fruit on my Gymnocalycium mihanovichii has also been around since at least November, but it really started becoming eye-catching in December.  It is now in the process of drying out.

A Much Needed Break in the Form of Blooms

Let's take a momentary break from the bleak ramifications of our current administration's damaging new ecological policies to appreciate the recent flowers my houseplants chose to produce in the past month.  Here we have the mostly spent bloom stalk we saw in its infancy back in December from my Sansevieria phillipsiae, as well as a rogue early flower on my Hatiora gaertneri (often colloquially called "Easter Cactus" because it typically blooms around that holiday, much like Schlumbergera truncata blooms around Thanksgiving and is thusly called "Thanksgiving Cactus") which I hope will continue to flower as April approaches, two bloom stalks on my Echeveria harmsii 'Red Velvet', and a particularly beautiful blooming Tillandsia spp.; the last is - as is typical for bromeliads - monocarpic, so I'm hoping it manages to pup out before its hastening death.

December Houseplant Blooms

Happy New Year!  Here are my houseplant blooms from December, minus my Senecio jacobsenii which rebloomed but is currently in my office and therefore I kept forgetting to bring my camera in.  From left to right and top to bottom: Gasteria liliputana, Gymnocalycium bruchii, Haworthia cuspidata, Haworthia fasciata, Mammillaria bocasana, Pachyphytum oviferum (a little misleadingly as its bloom stalk is leaning past the trunk of my Uncarina roeoesliana), Phalaenopsis spp., Rhipsalis mesembryanthemoides, Sansevieria phillipsiae, Ibervillea lindheimeri, Euphorbia flanaganii, and Faucaria tigrina.