Another Student's Art Restoration Side Business Made the News!

Haha, my art students are doing such cool things that we can’t help but dominate the news cycle here in Leavenworth - this time, senior student Gwen Logan is in the Leavenworth Times for her art restoration side business and potential career interest, which grew from a homework assignment I gave to her last fall in Painting I!

gwenlogan lt story image.JPG

A Student's Been Accepted into the 2019 Nelson-Atkins Curatorial Summer Academy!

This is great news - my student Adeline Pagan Sanchez applied and was accepted into the very prestigious Nelson-Atkins Curatorial Summer Academy for this summer, which will take place on June 1-8, 2019. I wrote her recommendation letter, so I was extra invested in the outcome and I’m very proud of her for taking the initiative to apply. The Leavenworth Times featured her success on the front page!

Citizens Savings & Loan Debit Card Design Scholarship

F19 debit card design.JPG

Citizens Savings & Loan has partnered with the University of Saint Mary to offer a university-branded debit card that raises money for student scholarships - and they put out a contest call a few months ago for designs. The winner was to receive a $500 scholarship and have their design printed as the inaugural card… and sophomore art major Adeline Pagan Sanchez won with the submission to the right!

Addy took the initiative to compete and worked very hard on this contest. She created and submitted a variety of designs since she wasn’t sure what aesthetic - cartoonish, sporty, refined - the selection team was looking for. Her classy, modern take on the USM spire and surrounding architecture hit the mark. Here’s a picture of us presenting her with the award, via an oversized ceremonial check!

Addy debit card c.jpg

I’m proud of her and look forward to more of her successes. For further details, check out USM’s press release, which was published in the Leavenworth Times too!

An Interesting Study on Learning Styles

This is an interesting article about learning styles and how they may not be as important as some believe. I do think the conclusions for this specific study may not be as broadly applicable as the researchers claim, though; I took the VARK out of curiosity after reading the article and here are my results:

  • Visual 4

  • Aural 9

  • Read/Write 7

  • Kinesthetic 6

You have a multimodal learning preference.

What would that mean for the study? Does the VARK actually assess preferred learning styles particularly well? Is learning style equivalent to studying style, particularly if the test isn’t in a format that corresponds to the favored learning style? Does this study on a group of Indiana University anatomy students apply to other, possibly more diverse student populations?

I think the reality is more complex than this article suggests - people can learn from most modalities, but different levels of experience can benefit more from different modalities and a mixture is almost always more beneficial than solely offering one.

Fall 2018 Teaching Schedule!

It's that time of year - this morning USM held its annual matriculation ceremony, and tomorrow classes start!  I will be teaching Sculpture, Painting I, Typography, and Art Career Internship.  I'm looking forward to meeting new students and hearing how returning students have spent their summers!

The Spring Student Art Exhibition and the End of the Academic Year!

We had a great Spring Student Art Exhibition, which was accompanied by the annual judging for Miller Art Awards.  Our guest judge this year was alumna and graphic designer Lea Whitson!  Here are some photos of the show, but there were so many more pieces than what you'll see in this slideshow.

This Saturday was also our graduation, and it is always wonderful to see my students walk across that stage but just a little bit sad knowing that I won't see them return again in fall.  I hope they go on to do great things but also stay in touch!

One of My Non-Art-Major Students Is Now a Commissioned Artist!

Exercise science student Sam Schoon took my Advanced Honors Seminar in Interdisciplinary Art last year, and in the segment on physics and art learned about liquid dynamics and how artists can create beautiful abstract patterns through pouring slightly higher density paint onto a lower density one from our guest lecturer Dr. Pat Bunton of William Jewell College's Physics Program.  She gave her two small pieces of liquid dynamics artwork to Pat at the end of the course, and he hung them in his office.  A while later, his Department Chair saw them and liked them so much she had Pat reach back out to Sam this past fall and ask if she'd be willing to do a much bigger piece sometime this year for departmental decor.  Sam took up the challenge even though it was outside of her comfort zone, and she recently delivered the finished piece to Pat!  Below is a photo of us with her artwork right before she handed it over and was paid.

I'm proud of Sam for taking this on, working hard, and overcoming surprise obstacles in the process to accomplish this very cool goal.


A New Year, a New Semester!

It's that time again!  Spring 2018 at USM will start on Monday, January 15th, and with it, my courses: Introduction to Printmaking, Computer Graphics, Advanced Honors Seminar in Interdisciplinary Art, and Art Career Internship, Advanced Studios, and Senior Exhibit (the latter three counting together as one course load).

I look forward to seeing new and returning students and all the new artwork they'll produce!

Leavenworth Times Article on My Graphic Design Class's Digital Colorization Project

The Leavenworth Times wrote a front-page article on one of our class projects - digital colorization - in AR 383 Graphic Design!  You can read it here.

Spring Classes are Coming!

The Spring 2017 semester is almost upon us!  At the University of Saint Mary, we commemorate Martin Luther King Day instead of taking it as a holiday, so Monday was slated to be out first day of classes... but the weather has other plans, and to avoid the predicted ice storm and attempt to help unravel the resultant travel complications our students are already facing, we have canceled classes on Monday and will instead begin Spring 2017 classes on Tuesday.

This semester, I am teaching an overload (five classes instead of my typical four): Basic Design, Drawing II, Typography, Honors Seminar: Interdisciplinary Art, and Art Career Internship/Advanced Studios/Senior Exhibit.  The overload is due to taking on the Honors Seminar; I'm very excited about it as I got to create the class entirely with our honor student population and my own academic interests in mind.

My Art Majors' New Websites!

As a part of my Portfolio Seminar class (basically a career preparation course), I require my students to make a website if they don't already have one.  None of these enrolled students already had one, so these are all brand new - check them out!


Goppert Gallery Exhibition Photos!

Here are some images of the show!  I got sidetracked by an alumna when I was walking around photographing so I haven't taken pictures of the whole of the show yet, but that just means there's more to experience if you want to stop by - the show's up through the 15th.

An image of my wall of artwork from the exhibition.

Looking at my wall from the other side.

Spring 2016 Student Art Exhibition Reception Photos

Here are the Spring 2016 Student Art Exhibition photos!  We invited local artist Beth Snider to be our guest judge in handing out Miller Awards, so you can see her presenting those in a couple photos.  44 students exhibited in the show (which ran from April 29 through May 5).  Classes I taught that were represented include Typography, Printmaking, Painting I & III, and Advanced Studios in Mixed Media and Tattoo Design.

End of Year Art Exhibit 2016

2016 Art Major Project Opening Reception

The Art Program at USM releases all art majors, minors, and liberal studies focus students from their studio art courses for six school days in order to work on a collaborative project.  This year, they were led by local guest artist Mary Ellen Maxwell and tasked with creating assemblages that have both independent and collaborative elements.  The opening reception is this Friday, February 12th from 3-5pm in Goppert Gallery in USM's Xavier Hall.

Here's the press release for more details!

Spring 2016 Courses

The University of Saint Mary's Spring 2016 semester is officially starting on Monday, January 18th (aka tomorrow if you're reading this post on the day it's published).  I'll be teaching Painting I, II, & III; Printmaking; Typography; and Advanced Studios, Internships, & Senior Show.  That counts as a four course load, which is standard for USM.  I was scheduled for an overload of five courses - Drawing II was also on the calendar - but none of our students chose to take it this semester.  

I've taught all of these courses before, but I did adjust some of the syllabi and projects based on former student feedback and how my own media interests have developed, so I'm excited to see how the courses progress this time.  (And, obviously, each semester is already different because the students also change.)  One of the reasons I really enjoy working at USM is that I do get to teach a variety of courses instead of a number of sessions of the same course, and that's true not only within a semester but also across multiple semesters.  I find the course rotation keeps the material fresh and interesting for me.