Spider Friends!

I don't enjoy close quarters with a lot of insects (mosquitoes, flies, grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, wasps, etcetera) which means I do like spiders!  They eat insects and therefore protect my plants and porch.  This summer, a small jumping spider decided to make its home in my mailbox.  I've previously evicted a number of wasps from trying to do the same, but this little fellow has my permission to stay.  It's hard to sex jumping spiders so I don't know for sure if this guy is a male, but I've named him Humberto nonetheless.

Then there're the orb weavers!  If you recall, I had several make their homes on my porch last autumn, and this year one has already moved in.  I somewhat romantically hope she's the daughter of Lorraine (my front porch Neoscona crucifera Spotted Orbweaver last year).  I have christened her Henrietta.