La Pedrada de Noemi Residency Journal 3

Whew, the last two journal entries were long!  It's because each felt like it had its own narrative and that I needed to see it through in one go, but I'll make this one shorter.

The next day, I just stayed at home and painted, with a brief sojourn to look at a parade and a pop-up plaza fair in honor of the worldwide day of donating blood.  Then on Sunday Noemi drove the two of us up to a barbecue in the mountains, at a public park by a lake with grills and picnic tables dotted around.  A medium-large group of her friends and acquaintances gathered, and I managed to converse all right with a number of people while eating delicious queso fresco, salted potatoes with mojo, and grilled vegetables and drinking a mojito, a mildly alcoholic cider, and a mildly alcoholic beer, all followed by desserts - I was stuffed by the end, but the eating was spread out over about four hours.  I also in that time managed to sunburn my forearms; thankfully I at least has the prescience (and at the beginning, the cold) to wear an elbow-length sleeved lightweight top, so I didn't burn more.

I was going to go back to Silviu's and do more diving/snorkeling on Monday, but his partner has been in the hospital this whole time and they decided to move him so Silviu quite rightfully needed to help out his partner with the relocation.  So I stayed home and painted.  I was actually a little happy about the cancellation, as I have an exhibition soonish and no artwork (yet) to show in it!  We were going to meet the following day, Tuesday, instead, but then Ricardo's doctors decided to operate on him so we canceled that date as well.  I explored some of Agüimes in the morning, failed to withdraw money from two different ATMs (a Bankia and a Santender) three times, had a costly call to Chase to troubleshoot why which included both my selecting the wrong type of account followed by a fraud trigger (despite my having lodged a travel notification before leaving), walked back down to the bank and managed to withdraw money, and returned to paint by early afternoon.