One of My Non-Art-Major Students Is Now a Commissioned Artist!

Exercise science student Sam Schoon took my Advanced Honors Seminar in Interdisciplinary Art last year, and in the segment on physics and art learned about liquid dynamics and how artists can create beautiful abstract patterns through pouring slightly higher density paint onto a lower density one from our guest lecturer Dr. Pat Bunton of William Jewell College's Physics Program.  She gave her two small pieces of liquid dynamics artwork to Pat at the end of the course, and he hung them in his office.  A while later, his Department Chair saw them and liked them so much she had Pat reach back out to Sam this past fall and ask if she'd be willing to do a much bigger piece sometime this year for departmental decor.  Sam took up the challenge even though it was outside of her comfort zone, and she recently delivered the finished piece to Pat!  Below is a photo of us with her artwork right before she handed it over and was paid.

I'm proud of Sam for taking this on, working hard, and overcoming surprise obstacles in the process to accomplish this very cool goal.