Drawing II

Spring Classes are Coming!

The Spring 2017 semester is almost upon us!  At the University of Saint Mary, we commemorate Martin Luther King Day instead of taking it as a holiday, so Monday was slated to be out first day of classes... but the weather has other plans, and to avoid the predicted ice storm and attempt to help unravel the resultant travel complications our students are already facing, we have canceled classes on Monday and will instead begin Spring 2017 classes on Tuesday.

This semester, I am teaching an overload (five classes instead of my typical four): Basic Design, Drawing II, Typography, Honors Seminar: Interdisciplinary Art, and Art Career Internship/Advanced Studios/Senior Exhibit.  The overload is due to taking on the Honors Seminar; I'm very excited about it as I got to create the class entirely with our honor student population and my own academic interests in mind.

Spring 2016 Courses

The University of Saint Mary's Spring 2016 semester is officially starting on Monday, January 18th (aka tomorrow if you're reading this post on the day it's published).  I'll be teaching Painting I, II, & III; Printmaking; Typography; and Advanced Studios, Internships, & Senior Show.  That counts as a four course load, which is standard for USM.  I was scheduled for an overload of five courses - Drawing II was also on the calendar - but none of our students chose to take it this semester.  

I've taught all of these courses before, but I did adjust some of the syllabi and projects based on former student feedback and how my own media interests have developed, so I'm excited to see how the courses progress this time.  (And, obviously, each semester is already different because the students also change.)  One of the reasons I really enjoy working at USM is that I do get to teach a variety of courses instead of a number of sessions of the same course, and that's true not only within a semester but also across multiple semesters.  I find the course rotation keeps the material fresh and interesting for me.